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Worthing, big things happening to a small community

by Mark Brown

Mayor Eric Saugstad of Worthing visited with Bill Zortman to talk about the recent expansion.  The key to that an increase in homes for sale Median sales price increased.   Average sales price at $133,392 makes it more affordable to live in Worthing.

Mayor Saugstad explained that Worthing has some advantages over other communities around Sioux Falls: I-29 corridor, 38.5 acre industrial park, Home to the Life Light Music Festival drawing thousands at Labor Day, The Worthing Dinner Theatre.

The Mayor added, Worthing will add 3000 feet of side walk in 2014 (safe routes to School Grant project) and 2013 completed a street and infrastructure update around the Elementary School.

Worthing is experiencing regional development to include, Grain holding expansion at Eastern Farmers (CHS), Grain holding expansion at FCS, Agile Manufacturing – new building going up now, 

4. EBY Trailers – new facility just opened

City website is www.cityofworthing.com – also on Facebook and Twitter @worthingsd

I know you are looking at other projects that could make Worthing even more promotable in the months and years ahead.

You work in Sioux Falls --- but are in a County that is growing quickly --- what is your dream for Worthing.