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Tschetter, Walsh share Great Lifem Weekend Expo - It's YOUR Business

by Mark Brown

For the first time in Sioux Falls, LPGA South Dakota legend Kris Tschetter, Great Life's Tom Walsh, and Nicklaus Academy's Mike Malaska appeared on the same stage. It's YOUR Business.

It was all part of the Great Golf Expo Weekend --- and the life-changing Golf Greatness that has swept the Sioux Empire.

They explained the need to change golf and how Tschetter -- if she had done more earlier in life would have been even better on the LPGA Tour -- where she won twice in winning almost $3 million.

 Walsh was warming up for an afternoon news conference --- where a fitness director will be named as well as a course being added to the mix.

 Earlier in the show --- KTWB's Chris Carter -- surprised Plastic Surgery Associates Marvin Smoot -- explaining when they found skin cancer with him --- he was directed to PSA's Dr. Bright. It left Smoot --- speechless --- for the first time in many appearances on It's YOUR Business.  -