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Trees, Shrubs, Greenery Risk and Bug Protection - IT's YOUR Business

by Mark Brown

What to do with the bugs---our gardens, lawns, trees with post storm?

Paul DeJong--Landscape Garden Center ---and Sam Keyzar---Board Certified Arborist share concerns.

Avoid out of town people without licenses --- make them prove they have a license. Check with Landscape Garden and Sam for advise.

Sam is Mr. Lomax --a Seuss character that talks to the trees. His license plate and his website are right there.

Paul provides some bug repellant ideas you haven't thought of.

Mark Howard--Howard Group of Baird---explains financial advise for a lifetime. Mary has 22 plus years experience on this and has the answers shortly after 10:30.

Dr. Tim Lee Burton has the Specialty Orthpedics insights on staying healthy in the summertime.

Adam Scott/John Miller--Golf Addiction where playing in the STarz Teddy Bear Den Golf Tournament Thursday at Bakker Crossing. They have simulated center at the fabulous Bakker Crossing site ----and some ideas on how women can learn golf and not be concerned about slowing down those charging down fairways.

Scott Varilek has commodity comings and goings from Kooima Kamingk, Craig Markhardt --Advana Mortgage the loan snapshot of the day --- and Todd Neuberger the Main Street to Wall Street report.