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Tom Walsh Great Life - It's Your Business

by Mark Brown

Mr. Burger King, Mr. Great Life, Mr. Change, Mr. Walsh joins us for the first half hour of the 10:00 business show today.

For Tom Walsh it'll be an update on Great Life, what they have added, what they plan to do and how can Great Life actually prolong the life of golf in general and Country Clubs that are now doing their own 2 for 1 burgers.

Joining the pioneering Walsh is Mark Ovenden's son Nick tied to bringing exercise and fitness to golfers who many times thought their exercise was lifting on the 19th hole or taking golf carts as close to the green's as you can get to avoid too many steps.

The list of golf courses and fitness partners is growing.

On the golf side...

Willow Run

Bakker Crossing

Central Valley-Hartford

Hidden Valley-Brandon


LuVerne Country Club

River Ridge--Garretson

The Bridges Beresford

and Affiliate--Rocky Run in Dell Rapids

Fitness partners

Woodland Athletic Club


and just announced McCook Wellness in Hartford

Affiliate partnerships with Austad Golf, Golf Addiction, Ideal Weight

What about the membership numbers? We'll get some answers

Fitness and simulators with golf properties!!

New Club House or two in the mix...

Tom has been in the news recently with the development near Willow high end properties that will make that setting permanent for generations to come.

The Sioux Falls Business Journal had him talk about the need to change golf get players make it affordable and pass the torch to the new generation. He was also quoted on the future of Country Clubs who could well feed off of Great Life for new golfers who want the established country club setting.

We'll visit with Adam Scott, Golf Addiction, his 50 golf simulators, tournaments like this weekend and a place to hangout on Master's Weekend with your reservation to play and watch is creative. Mr. Scott and his partner John Miller are headed for Magnolia Lane where they'll visit the Master's early next week. Adam will join us Wednesday to talk with us about his experience and meeting his name-sake--Adam Scott.

Dr. Tim LeeBurton, Speciality Orthopedics has been talking about the unusual scenarios around Tiger Woods and his injuries. We'll visit more this morning after 10:30 and make sure you get help if you develop Wood-like symptoms in your game.

Scott Varilek, Kooima Kaemingk has been added to our It's YOUR Business team. Monday thur Friday 11:30 he provides a 90 second commodity report. The South Dakota Native knows what he's talking about -- he'll join us at 10:48 this morning.

Todd Neuberger Edward Jones has the Main Street to Wall Street Report, Craig Markhardt' Advana Mortgage the loan photo of the day and John at Valentino's offers Fish Friday on another Lenten Friday.