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Tom Johnson Talks Lost Wallets, SSN, Nursing Abuse - It's YOUR Business

by Mark Brown

It's YOUR Business ---another hour of helping businesses and sharing information -- good for the listening audience.

Paul DeJong on this Mother's Day Weekend has a make and take Basket event Saturday at 69th and Minnesota and Landscape. Paul explains how you can work with mom to make the basket --or take it home for her. Sam Kezar---Board Certified Arborist joins us in the 2nd hour.

Tom Johnson---Johnson - Christenson Law Office lost his wallet in Nashville---did get it back but it reminded him that losing a wallet or social security card and photo ID could be a major loss. In addition nursing home abuse, help with social security claims, and other news from Target part of the 10:30 discussion. Jesse Schmidt--South Dakota Better Business Bureau warns of Travel Scams.

Scott Varilek--Kooima Kaemingk Commodities, Craig Markhardt-Advana Mortgage, and Todd Neuberger Edward Jones join us in the 10:00 hour as well.