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Tom Johnson explains how Social Media can be used for and against you - I'ts YOUR Business

by Mark Brown

It's going to be a busy hour; from hobbies to plastic surgery, lawyers and facebook.

In fact that is where we start --- with Tom Johnson, Johnson Christenson Law (siouxfallslaw.com).

Here are the issues I am ready for; we can also do some follow-up on the other issues, if you want to revisit last weeks issues that is fine too.

Can lawyers use Facebook, Linked in and other social media to research the background and biases of potential jurors (new ABA ethical guideline)

Who researches the skills, quality and backgrounds of lawyers (Insurance companies, other lawyers and potential clients and they use the internet too

The business of Law financing lawsuits; expensive and clients sometimes cant afford it; we use our own money and loans at banks; these expenses are NOT deductible! We have to finance them with after-tax dollars

Can law enforcement look through the information on your cell phone without a Search Warrant (New Supreme Court case).