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Today is the Third Tuesday and that brings us YOUR PET Stop

by Mark Brown

The hour belongs to Stacy at YOUR PET STOP (605) 221-2738 yourpetstopinc.com

Diane from the Dakota Dashshund rescue will be coming down for the radio show to talk about rescues in person.

My Favorite things to discuss are:

1 is a new product brought in and they are designed cat and shapes scratch pads with organic cat nip included !!! Got a race car, sofa lounger, and wiener dog even !

2 new product called gold dust its made by kona chip dog treats and it ground jerky that you can sprinkle on your pets food to make it more appealing to them if you do not want to add can food as a topper.

3 I'm super excited about the ECO line we are bringing in made by lupine so you still get that chew guarantee. These collars and leads will be made from recycled plastic and come in solid colors. They should be arriving next week so come check them out !!!!

4 Zukes jerky is been an awesome new treat on our wall. It had original, bbq, and teriyaki flavors. It is human grade jerky that our four legged friends have been going crazy over ! I am not one for test tasting treats dwn at the store but I must confess this is one I have ate myself.