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The Home Builders Report Card - It's YOUR Business

by Mark Brown

One Monday a month we bring you the report card on the home building permits and the Real Estate Report Card. We bring together Cindy Monnen, President of the Home Builders Association and Brandon Matrins, President of the Realtors Association.

Today is the day the report card will look at the first five months of 2014 compared to the same period last year.

Along the way, we will talk with Tony Bachman, Cantebury Village and Mike Austad, Dakota Radon about this safety factor that affects sales.

Jim Lowe from Avana Mortgage will tell our listening audience about the Affordability Index.

We will talk to Jodi Schwan, Sioux Falls Business Journal who joined me last Friday with PaulGoldammer on his new franchise, Potbellies. They are joined by Ron Nelson, Commercial Real Estate Broker.