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The Golf Show Remembers Mark Amundson's Contribution to South Dakota Golf

by Mark Brown

This morning the Business of Golf, the leading golf vendors, doctors from Orthopedic and Chiropractic corners and a guy that puts the prospective of life and golf in the same sentence.

The show starts with Dave Austad and Randy Derheim. Gentlemen good morning.

Dr. Tim Lee Burton, Speciality Orthopedics andDr. Max Reinecke, Reinecke Chiropractic are with us to discuss golf injuries and how to prevent them.

Brian Sterk is here to tell us about what is going on at Golf Etc.

Mark Amundson wanted to South Dakota put on the map for golf in the United States; he fancied himself with the nickname one putt he won 13 South Dakota Golf Association Titles. He befriended a number of the world best golfers and supported the Orion Challenge that raised $5 million in almost 20 years. He was the inspiration for Sutton Bay and died early Monday while driving a utility task vehicle near Sutton Bay.

Along the way well give you our Yahoo Fantasy Business of Golf picks for the second round of the Fed Ex challenge the Deutsche Bank.