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Soybean Association Board talks crops - It’s YOUR Agri Business

by Mark Brown

South Dakota Secretary of Agriculture Lucas Lentsch told listeners that the 2012 census figures indicated more farms in South Dakota but fewer acres. The report from Census and USDA is still open to your interpreting but provides some insight into interest land and population directions for the future.

Lentsch updated the trip that he and Governor Dennis Daugaard made to California looking to interest dairy interests to consider South Dakota with its welcome mat out and tax benefits. Stay tuned for more updates as the dry west looks at friendly alternatives for herds in the next few years.

Lisa Richardson -- Executive Director of the South Dakota Corn Growers Association explained that many producers are headed to San Antonio this week for one of the biggest farm expos in the country.  If you'll check the podcast --- you'll hear Richardson talk about corn prices, ethanol and the next generation of farmers being courted by USDA with Google and social media.

Dave Poppens is South Dakota's representative on the American Soybean Association. Poppens farms more than 2600 acres near Lennox. The Lennox soybean advocate explained what the American Soybean Association does as well talked about his thoughts on this year's prices and crops and whether our families are willing to stay on the farm for years to come. 

Dr. Joe Cassedy, SDSU was working with me to prepare for an interview with Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack. Vilsack talked with It's YOUR Agri Business in December and is scheduling another interview in the weeks ahead. Dr. Cassady -- via SKYPE from Brookings outlined some points he would like clarified for South Dakota by Vilsack --- the Livestock indemnity program, the Livestock Forage  Program to compensate ranchers for losses due to drought or fire, and the Hatch Funding for Land Grant Universities like SDSU. His full interview is a part of the Agri-Business podcast.