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Sioux Falls vs Fargo Both Great Places To Live

by Mark Brown

Jodi Schwan--Sioux Falls Business Journal, working with Dr. Vance Thompson reported on the earthquake in Napa Valley Monday. Dr. Thompson was there and today he reports it was the scariest moment of his life. He reflects on the 6.4 earthquake and how he checks on his winery and the employees. He also had kind words on the like and loss of Mark Amundson.

Jodi Schwan reports breaking news on Great Western Bank. We'll be listening.

Tom Johnson -- our Legal voice---explains the medicare rating system discrepancies. Plus we'll talk our legal issues that we should know.

Ron Nelson, Nelson Property Consultants talks about Fargo vs Sioux Falls. Fargo was in town in the last week looking at our downtown. Nelson also played golf with Jessie the Body Ventura.

Jessie Schmidt, Better Business Bureau of South Dakota takes on that pesky 409-123-4567 number that keeps calling.

We'll talk with Peter Nielson--- head of the 4-H of South Dakota-- with 3500 of his best friends in Huron.