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Sioux Falls Gets Deserved Pat On Back - It's YOUR Business

by Mark Brown

Each Friday -- Jodi Schwan --- Sioux Falls Business Journal brings us the rest of the story -- from Wednesday's cover story.

Good Story this week. Our airport -- first impressions and how fares compare with Omaha, Twin Cities and others.

The same day that story came out---The Argus leader --- in typical 2014 journalistic fashion print and electronic headlined --8.2 million for the Summit League Tournament.

Great story --- but if you are in business --- you know the last thing you want to put out are earnings reports --- how you took somebody's money. No where in that story --- or the copycat pieces that came from radio and television electronic media to anyone stop to do a story on how greatful we should be that people came to our town. No place did we give examples of people coming to Sioux Falls for that event -- the pheasant hunt in the fall ---and came back because we made them feel at home.

This morning Teri Schmidt-- Sioux Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Director along with Jodi ---will join me in a discussion about how we need to bring people back to our communities to live or bring a business. They come because we make them feel important --- just as important if not more than the millions they bring for putting a little ball thru a hoop.

Trevor Knettel and Nick Karpan Sprint --- provide the latest in communications for businesses and families. Sprint has two locations --- and they always communicate the importance of returning customers and keeping them in touch with those they want to.

Donovan's Hobby and Scuba Center has just returned from a dive for fish, game and park ---and to Florida -- to help those wanting scuba certification. Bill Donovan joins us to share how efficiently and quickly you can get certified.

Dr. Tim Lee Burton --- Speciality Orthopedics helps you with your aches and pains and promises more often than not to get you into his office within 24 hours.

Adam Scott -- Golf Addiction with his partner John Miller --- had May rates you'll want to hear about that fit the Great Life Package.