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SF Golf Expo coming up - It's Your Business

by Mark Brown

It must be spring, the Golf Expo Show is this weekend, warehouse sales are in the rear view mirror and we are ready to begin our 2014 Golf Show Series.  Bill Zortman will be hosting the Golf Show that you hear each Wednesday in this time slot from 9-10 through Labor Day. 

Bill's guests for the first show of the year are: 

Coralee Jorgenson, The First Tee Program  

Dr. Tim Lee Burton, Specialty Orthopedics  

Randy Derheim, Pinnacle with Callaways, Tre, Foley’s and the Downtown Hilton

 Adam Scott, Golf Addiction 

Paul Doherty, Golf Etc.

Golf in 2014 is going to be about Family.  We’ll feature the first tee program, you can join our Yahoo Fantasy Golf League which gets started next week. We’ll blog information, or check with Golf Addiction or Golf Etc how to enter.  It is Yahoo Sports Fantasy Private group 7235 password Zortman.