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Sculpture Walk In Focus 9-11- It's YOUR Business (Seg 1)

by Mark Brown

It's YOUR Business turns to the radio cheerleader 9-11 today for the 11th run of the Sioux Falls Sculpture Walk.

While in essence you can't see what we describe--feel it --- or taste it ---- it's much like the bag of goodies that Santa brings one a year in December --- you anticipate and know it can bring you joy -- if you only believe and then come down (town) and see for yourself.

Mr. Sculpture Walk Jim Clark put his elves to work with our 9-11 show this morning. He's driving a fork lift -- making sure the 55 or 56 or 57 works of art are ready to put up for you to see Saturday morning.

And the real Sculpture Claus worked to make sure we give you the best STUFF this morning.

Jim Mathis is President of the Sculpture Walk and President of Adworks. He draws the pictures -- answers the questions --- and just downright makes you want to bring your friends and show off what we have in Sioux Falls AGAIN.

Lee Leuning and Rik Beuselinick are two of the 32 renowned sculptors fromaround SD, the good ole USA, and Belgium featured. Leuning created "DaFan" in 2013---and Rik "The Dreamer last year. They'll talk about this year's work and why Sioux Falls is a perfect place for them to display.

Brienne Maner is the Communications and Membership Manager for Downtown Sioux Falls. She'll answer questions with the Business Journal's Jodi Schwan --and me -- Bill Zortman the show's host. There are a number other opportunities on this FIRST FRIDAY and Downtown Sioux Falls is even interviewing businesses to qualify for rent subsidies for a downtown location.

One of the stories in the 9:30 segment is with Lot 2029--Hope Ward -- who opened her Phillips Street location just last week --- and she compares her Sioux Falls location to other openings they had with their first two stores in Bismarck and Fargo.

MB Haskett's is hosting us at 324 S Phillips--and they'll tell us what happens downtown with the thousands that walk the street and visit the merchants. All agree it's a great opportunity to welcome them to downtown and if they are treated right--guess what --- they may just want to come back.

Jesse Schmidt--South Dakota Better Business Bureau shares incredible information about National Moving Month--and things to watch out for.

Paul DeJong--Landscape Garden Center has a Big Spring Open House this weekend -- with opportunities to do a little landscaping classes to learn even more about twiking your own lawn.

In the 10:00 hour Mr. Landscape Garden Center and Certified Board Arborist Sam Keyzar talk about how they are working together to consult and help those with tree trouble. Sam is an SDSU grad and will share fertilizer tree trinkets you should now--and think about.

Also in that 10-11 hour--Sculpture Walk President Mathis and Downtown Sioux Falls'sManer answer questions about the firstFriday--the parking, the trolly which apparently is going commercial --wine event -- and the safety of downtown.

Jim Lowe--Advana Mortgage has the loan snapshot of the day--and Advana explains why they are part of the Sculpture Walk Family. (Something you and your business should consider.)

Scott Varilek--Kooima Kaemingk previews the Commodity Market--the Movie Farmland that was screened in Sioux Falls last night--and in essence previews his11:30 KELO News Talk Commodity Report.

Ryan from Bros will be in the house. How does that party spot on Phillips feel about Sculpture Walk --- the visitors --- and what edibles do they have that can fit your palate.

Matt Smith -- Dacotah Bank has a front row seat to view the thousands that drive by -- walk by -- and stop to take pictures. Matt has been a business banker 16 years --- 11 of those have been with the sculpture walk outside his office window.

Dr. Tim Lee Burton Speciality Orthopedics, Adam Scott Golf Addiction, Todd Neuberger -- Edward Jones and John from Valentino's give us food for thought as well.