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Restoration Needs After Latest Diluge - It's YOUR Business

by Mark Brown

It's YOUR Business--Show 699 Monday -- 9-10 checks the weekend flooding with the biggest restoration service in South Dakota. Intek!!! Jerry Berg joins us with what we should know and how to prepare and follow-up. One of those affected---Real Estate Association of the Sioux Empire---sump pump failed and phones are out. Business needs backed up.

Julene Edwards--Kinetico, Kinetico, Kinetico---when the storm beats you ---nice to have a chordless water system. Kinetico softeners are based around the customer needs---and has been setting standards for year. It's hard to live without Kinetico.

It's an Ag Day---so we will talk with Pfeifer Implement --- one more inside on why Agriculture is driving South Dakota's economy.

Jodi Schwan will have the cover story of the week from the Sioux Falls Business Journal --and Ryan joins us for Bros -- where parties on Phillips are a big deal in the good ole summertime.