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Remodelers Show Center Stage in Parade of Homes Week

by Mark Brown

Jim LaDuc--Lamps and Shades Lighting Gallery

Steven Swenson--Handyman

Paul Nelsen--Nelsen Construction

They lead the discussion today in our remodelers show 9-10.

Phones are open 336-1320 for your questions.

Later this week---the 2014 Parade of Homes begins with May 10-12th and 17-19th ...

Among our topics....

  • Fan season -- cooling your house down, saving money, easy update to change a room and circulate the air
  • Benefits of fans
  • Lamps an easy update that can change a room
  • How do you help people narrow down options to fixtures. Starts with knowing your current measurements
  • Handyman in the middle of sterling showers on sale
  • city's largest tub and shower display
  • best 4-part showers used for remodeling all on sale
  • 45 different toilets in stock and yes on sale
  • motion sense faucet and custom onyx tops --yes on sale
  • For Nelsen Construction -- spring time is spruce up time
  • Normal remodeling includes kitchen, bath, finishing the basement and adding a 3rd car garage.