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Remodelers share advise - It's YOUR Business!

by Mark Brown

Bill Zortman hosted his experts to advise listeners on home repair, lighting and Radon Mitigation.

Paul Nelsen, Nelsen Construction and Steve Swenson, Handy Man, 910 East 10th started April without fooling, just good solid facts about remodeling trends and the best place to go for supplies and advise.

Jim LaDuc, Lamps and Shades Lighting Gallery was not on the show, but his lighting and lamp shades were discussed though missed if you know what I mean.

For the Handy Man, a big sale in April at cabinets and vanities. As usual showers, and "ooh" factures were a key part of the Handy Man mentions.

For Nelsen, given the nationwide "Beam" Award at a convention earlier this year in a Vegas convention cleared up what is becoming a must replace (when you can), the "popcorn" ceilings. For the former President of the Home Builders Association of the Sioux Empire -- he cleared up a couple of key notes about black marks on ceilings. Instead of lack of insulation being the number one possibility, he said any size candle can cause the black streaks anywhere in the house.

Radon was a question asked by a caller who wanted to know the dangers or is it just a scare tactic. When Paul struggled a little for a full answer, me (the host) suggested that radon has been a question for a long time. Their are kits available through many box stores, or on line to check the readings in the house. The government's bar is 4.0. Paul suggested that the radon levels can become an issue when selling a house. It can cost several hundred dollars to mediation if it becomes a sticky issue. The question is; 'what if you just want to know?' Best advise, call a builder, or realtor, or a radon expert and make your own decision. Radon gas does contribute to cancer in the house and if you'll check documents, it is a serious matter.

Our Handy Man, Construction Award Winner, and Mr. LaDuc are scheduled to return on April 15th.