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Radon Dangers or Not to Worry - It's YOUR Business

by Mark Brown

Jodi Schwan --- Sioux Falls Business Journal with the cover story for the week explained the work that is being done -- mostly behind the scenes that is looking to fill too many vacancies in downtown buildings.

A Committee is working the project and while there have been a number of food establishments coming in --- retail needs some attention. The story will appear in print Wednesday with the Business Journal.

Spectrum paid their first visit -- Andy Dumas outlined the different they make in the "Big Picture" for this Complete Marketing SERVICE. Whether it be listening to the owners and employed, working together on promotional clothing or giveaways, or on-line services--Spectrum is the STAR.

Jim Lowe--Advana Mortgage has been on the road --- doing a little R/R -- but with the start of the second quarter he reminded us interest rates are still comfortably in the 4's, homes are selling, but there is a need for more homes (inventory). Mr. Lowe, and the Real Estate chiefs will do the home builder/real estate show next Monday. Early figures show permits and sales are down over a pace-setting year in 2013 --- but well ahead of a good year in 2012.

Mike Austad--Dakota Radon Mitigation answered the question asked by a caller in our Remodeling Show on April 1st. Is Radon a real concern or just a fear-factor?

The A Team leader explained that when you look at a map of the United States --- few areas are trimmed with red coloring --donating the biggest risk with the tasteless, odorless gas. Radon home kits are available on line --- or at many stores that allow you to check your own numbers. American Cancer Society has shared numbers showing that radon gas is the #2 cause of cancer in the house. Radon levels can affect the sale of a home --- unless modifications are made. Austad appears on It's YOUR Business and answers the questions as well as the most often used radon interview in magazines and on television.

In essence make your own choice. But keep your family in mind before you sell a house --particularly if you spend a lot of time in the basement.