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Parade of Homes Week - It's Your Business

by Mark Brown

Sculptures in place with the Weekend Sculpture Walk ---and now the first of two weekends with the Parade of Homes.

We'll visit with Ryan from the Home Builders Association about the particulars on the 80 or so homes you can see the next two weekends in Sioux Falls. 10 of the homes under $200,000 -- 22 between $200-300,000, 20 between $300-450,000 and 25 others just above that to one with a million dollar tag.

The May issue of Home Ideas Magazine is the official event publication.\

Tony Bachman's Canterbury Village is looking for a third year as a winner in the Home Builders Association -- he explains the vacation like living and home-time advantage from the Dubuque and Madison -Eastside Sioux Falls location.

Chris Larson---takes a break from the Comfort King Factory and joins us at 9:32---we'll talk about the zero gravity, power bases---and just why my own experience with a Comfort King is like so many others in our listening audience. We'll set the standards to a better night's sleep.

Marketing is important in 2014---Andy Dumas--Spectrum Solutions join us. They actually listen. Something that consultants don't always do. After Andy's first appearance they had a call from an area business that needed help. You might want to see what Spectrum can do for you.