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No Farris Wheel Ride? We Are Live at Scheels - It's YOUR Business (Seg 1)

by Mark Brown

$25 million remodeling -- nearly 200,000 Square Feet --- and Sioux Falls gets one of the largest Schells Store.

As the 1st Lieutenants we are for Midwest Communication -- we were live from the Catwalk -- putting our 671st and 672nd show at a new height.

Scheels has been remodeled --- and created a lot of attention. The Farris wheel has people waiting in line on the weekend to ride. Changes have been made with merchandise --- and the biggest of the promotions come on Saturday.

While the doors open at 9:00 on Saturday --- its the 6 to 9AM parking lot side of this you need to address.

$10,000 worth of Scheels gift card giveaways sponsored by Silver Stone Group.

Those arriving 6 to 9 (first 250) have the opportunity in the parking lot -- to qualify for a $1000 Scheels gift card. $9000 in gift cards will be given away in the parking lot.

Free donuts from Fly by Donuts --Champions Forever Showtimes are 7:00 - 7:45 and 8:30. It promises to be a circus atmosphere.

During our hour we talked with Scheels best---Christy Schauer, Melanie Heller who rode with me on the farris wheel. Chris Kray, and Mike Walldaire. What was obvious from each was the ownership they take from this new store -- and the people that visit it.

Here's who's was on It's YOUR Business...

  • Jodi Schwan--Sioux Falls Business Journalhad the rest of the story. Wednesday the Business Journal headlined getting the word out for businesses with social media. Jodi also reminded us that Scheels was voted Sioux Falls Business of the Year ---and its an award they so rightly deserve.
  • Ryan Jansa -- Home Builders Associationexplan that this is the final weekend for the Parade of Homes --Saturday, Sunday and Monday night. 76 homes this year.
  • Julene Edwards from Kineticoreturned from DesMoines with meetings with other managers from our official water provider. Kinetico, Kinetico, Kinetico is more than just a slogan -- they take care of people by doing something more than saying "Hey You"
  • Mary Howard -- Howard Group of Baird--"Bulls vs Bears" provided differences you need to know withyour personal investments.
  • Why Comfort King? It's simple --as the business hostmy Comfort Kingmakes sure my ROI is improved with a good nights sleep.
  • A Sioux Falls widow explained important scholarship she won to Phoenix University.