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New Events Center for Hartford? - It's YOUR Business

by Mark Brown

Tom Johnson, Johnson Christenson Law Office joins us to discuss and visit on the bunkhouse boys-and other broadcast law briefs.

Hartford is a part of the It's YOUR Business family and today---David James announce the opening within a week of a new event center that will host wedding, family and civic gatherings. You won't want to miss it.

Cindy Monnin--President of the Home Builders Association talks her project at Kelly Point. Hartford is one of 5 area communities that showed first quarter increases in Home Sales over 2013. Cindy will interrupt.

Lyle Howey---family friendly I-90 Speedway --- is the business of the month. The racing mogul takes a bow and explains why family comes first at his track between Hartford and Humboldt on Hwy 38.

Joe Kooima ---Kooima-Kaemingk Commodities explains the trail on cattle, hogs and grains and what to expect for his 11:30 commodity report today -- and with the Commodity Market next week.