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Ness Tax and Bookkeeping Voted Sioux Falls Best 9th Year in a Row - It's YOUR Business

by Mark Brown

Tim Ness--back from his 30th Class Reunion answered listeners questions and shared a tax payer study showing -- surprisingly that most believe that the tax system while not being perfect is a needed part of our American lives.

Ness Tax and Bookkeeping was voted Sioux Falls Best for the 9th year in a row. This month Ness Tax is celebrating its 15th Anniversary with two locations --- one on each side of Minnesota Avenue.

Among the concerns---from listeners and the industry---the IRS is expanding holds on delinquent tax payers, summer tax scams are still in the alert status--and remember the IRS never notifies you by email.

Ness Tax and Bookkeeping is heard (with the exception of this month) on the 2nd Tuesday of each month between 10-11am.