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Meet New Female Plastic Surgeon, Plane Crash hits Grains

by Mark Brown

You'll finally get the chance to meet Dr. Jill Murphy---the newest and to date the most unique member of Plastic Surgery Associates. We'll check her small town Nebraska Background and what she brings to South Dakota and Spencer, Iowa.

Brienne Maner--Downtown Sioux Falls explains why come downtown with the Crazy Day weekend.

The shot-down plane in Ukraine is having an impact on the stock markets and commodities. We'll see how much with our experts

Bizzy Lizzy is the only flourless bakery in the US--and now they have made 5 YOU Tube Videos

Dr. Tim Lee Burton--Speciality Orthopedics gets you in and out generally in 24 hours. We'll check how he views Tiger Woods and the other walking and mentally wounded pros at the British Open