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Live at the Sioux Empire Fair - It's YOUR Business (Hour 1)

by Mark Brown

Bill Zortman is coming to us live at the Sioux Empire Fair.

Since the fair opened Friday, Bill has gone throughthe pig calling contest, the newlywed game, free anniversary cake for 2000 and the SDSU Barbeque Bootcamp.

Jodi Schwan, Sioux Falls Business Journal is our first guest and the business of the day is the cover story of the week.

Jerry Berg joined us andhe of course is the biggest of the restoration companies with Intek.

Jerry tells us how busy INTEK is and they just are started a commercial campaign looking for employees to join the team.

One of the things I was really excited about with the 75 th Run of the Sioux Empire Fair is a new event---the Pipestone Discovery Barn

Sylvia Wolters,The Pipestone Discovery Barn,joined us at the Fair to talk about the milking parlor, calf feeding and agriculture activities. ThePipestone Discovery Barn is new to the Sioux Empire Fair.

Mike Austad-Dakota Radon Mitigation informs us that lots of folks from all over our region attending the Sioux Empire Fair have at least one thing in common -- they are in the red zone when it comes to radon gas.