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Less than Good Night Sleep Costs you 5 years? - It's Your Business!

by Mark Brown

A study released this week carried by most of the major publications and networks explains a bad night's sleep could age your brain by 5 years. Just three years of poor sleep could cause a decline in mental faculties.

Chris Larson, Comfort King joins me at 9:20 and we'll discuss the value of getting a good night sleep with a bed you helped create. I've shared it's in your business interest to sleep well now its even more in your families interest that you and your spouse sleep well.

Jerry Berg, Intek is South Dakota's biggest restoration company. Lots of fires recently with the up's and down's of our weather wonderings --- and now with 70's in the forecast and moisture piling up---what about water issue. Mr. B will get you ready for those emergencies like he's been doing for more than 30 years.

Jessie Schmidt, South Dakota Better Business Bureau carves together important info on schemes, scams, and swindlers searching scenarios socking you.

Mary Howard, Howard Group of Baird asks the question when can you retire? You may not like the answer unless you are really listening.

Jodi Schwan, Sioux Falls Business Journal follows up the cover story days of the country club have changed and 2 for 1 burgers and Great Life may actually extend what's no longer your father's country club.