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Legal Discussion, Court Chatter - It's YOUR Business

by Mark Brown

Bill Zortman discusses the financial health of Sioux Falls, and leads toward what is coming up Monday with Affordable Health Care.

Jodi Schwan has the Rest of the Story, from the Sioux Falls Business Journal, Jessie Schmidt, South Dakota Better Business Bureau with scam situations to avoid.

With the Affordable Health Chatter occurring with a March 31st talk deadline, Abbey Vanderwerf explains in our 9:00 hour what to expect and we set the stage for an hour show Monday from 9:00-10:00.

Tom Johnson, Johnson Christenson Law, tackles a couple of law issues in the news. One a doctor who left dozens of malpractice issues to return to Iran. And a man in a coma who is still in vegetable like state and the family can't get the right to pull the plug.

Dr. Tim Lee Burton, Speciality orthopedics talks taking care of yourself with spring opportunities -- Adam Scott--Golf Addiction looks at tournaments and plans you can make for the Masters.