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It’s YOUR Business number 600 Golf Show

by Mark Brown

Bill Zortman and guests celebrate show number 600 with the golf show.  Today was the first day to make picks to win the Honda  and they will be posted on Bills Blog and in this podcast.

Dave Austad explained to listeners about the successes of his warehouse sale and Great Golf Expo and the April 1st Opening of his 10th location in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  

New to the show is Dr. Max Reinecke, part of the medical and wellness side.  He brings 30 years experience providing care and diagnostic experience allowing golfers to zero in on a problem. 

Paul Doherty, Golf Etc is a member of our It’s YOUR Business Golf Family and was very active at the Great Golf Expo.  He talks about what peaked the interest of the attendees and accepted a challenge that during the 2014 season the Golf Family will provide help to 4 "project golfers". 

Randy Derheim helps us sort out life and puts it in golf terms.  Randy with his Pinnacle Company works restaurants at Callaways, Tre, Foley’s and the new Hilton Garden Inn. Randy has provided cake for the 300th, 400th, and 500th show. Today it was cupcakes. The reason? It fit the 2014 theme --- fitness, wellness and life with golf in our area.

Adam Scott -- Golf Addiction was on location ---a bit busy with not only his 57th and Marian Location but a new site in Fargo and there were work with simulators in the Great Life project.

The show will air thru September 3rd --9-10. The Golf Fantasy play is available through Yahoo ... go to sports --- Yahoo ---- and enter the Group ID 7235 --password ZORTMAN.

 Dr. Timothy Lee Burton -- a Sioux Falls orthopedic specialist returns next week.