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Is Tiger done for the year - for ever?

by Mark Brown

Today is Wednesday, and that means we discuss golf on It's YOUR Business. Our show started with a Blizzard; cold and sweet, brought into us fromAndy Kvernmo. Andy reminded us that tomorrow is Miracle Treat Day at the localDairy Queens, and for every Blizzard you buy, a dollar goes to The Children's Miracle Network.

Dave Austad was our first guest and we discussed Rory and Tiger andgolf after the 4 majors the Fed Ex and Ryder Cup yet to come.

Dr. Max Reinecke, Reinecke Chiropractic andDr. Tim Lee Burton, Speciality Orthopedics, come by to talk golf injuries. Golfers were dropping like flies on the PGA Tour. Tiger, Jason Dufner and Jason Day are out.

Randy Derheim, Mr. 19 th hole is back after a week away. He discusses the life to golf topic and the distance between good and great golf.

Paul Doherty and Brian Sterk, Golf Etc. remind us it's the perfect time of the year to get fit for your equipment.

Adam Scott, Golf Addiction joined us and talked aboutGolf Addiction has become a business for all seasons.

Photo: KELO AM File/Mark Brown