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Home Show Draws Attention from Remodelers

by Mark Brown

The 2014 Home Show opens 10:00 on Friday at the Sioux Falls Convention Center.

It's YOUR Business will broadcast live just inside the Convention Center door from 9 to 11 on Friday.

It's Tuesday's Bi-Monthly Remodelers Show the trio of trained (yes) remodelers explained the importance of attending the Home Show as well as explaining what to do and not to do.

Jim LeDuc, Lamps and Shades Lighting Gallery, Steve Swenson, the Handy Man and Paul Nelsen Construction took the best shots on questions from the listening audience and gave away some tickets to the Home Show along the remodel road.

If you are attending the show, take along a set of questions you want answered. It provides you a chance to do more than mosey up and down the aisles with 200 or so vendors. There are no dumb questions --- and you have the opportunity to speak with someone you might want to call or count on over the counter later.

For Jim at Lamps and Shades --- lighting always creates a stir -- particularly with the LED scenarios. Leduc explained that many times people visit the Home Show and by late afternoon they are in his store. Sometimes 2 or 3 years later.

For Steve at the Handy Man -- onyx and toilets get a lot of attention. Swenson in the last month has been part of Home Show's in Lincoln and Sioux City -- and says the business they get from Home Shows is an important part of their get acquainted process with new customers.

Paul from Nelsen Construction is a past President of the Home Builders Association as well as past Chair of the Home Show. Nelson acknowledged that not all builders are in the Home Show every year but the value of being a builder and answering questions is important. Nelsen said remodeling has him very busy again this year --- with plenty of kitchens and bathrooms. All that despite the frigid start in 2014.

The Remodelers Show airs the 1st and 3rd Tuesday from 9-10.