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Heroin addiction, relapse and recovery, It's Your Business

by Mark Brown

Bill Zortman once again is joined by Julie Schoolmeester, Executive Director, Face It Together Sioux Falls and Joan Swenson, Tallgrass Recovery Admissions and Marketing Alliance.  In each program those who have come on this show have talked about their addictions, looking, then finding help here in Sioux Falls.  

For almost a year we have talked in this show with Tallgrass and Face it Together about the fact that addiction, whether it be alcohol, prescription drugs, or heroin hits 10-20-percent of the families in our communities. 

The death of Actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman has many talking about addiction since our last show on January 28.

Alex was a 27 year-old heroine addict who has been clean for a year as of March 4.  He provides insight of what families should be looking for if they suspect a loved on is and addict.