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HBA, RASE React to April Report Card - It's Your Business

by Mark Brown

The President of the Home Builders Association---Cindy Monnin--and Past President of the Realtors Association -- Cathie Ogdie explained the first four months of building, home sale figures in our Monday--May 12th show.

Total Construction 2012 2013 2014

$103.5 M $238.8 M$184.3 M

New Residential$32.9 M$113.9 M $84.9 M

Residential Remodeling $11.2 M $11.8 M $25.7 M

Single Family Units 170 330 196

Townhomes 37 156 68

Multi Family Units 12 489 417

Real Estate Figures

2013 2014Difference

Closed Sales Total Area 1085 981 -9.6%

City of Sioux Falls 764 699 -8.5%

New Listings 2019 1870 -7.4%

City of Sioux Falls 1363 1252 -8.1%

Median Price Total Area$150,000 $153,500 +2.3%

City of Sioux Falls$152,250 $157,000 +3.1%

Ave Sales Price Total Area $166,693 $171,096 +2.6%

City of Sioux Falls$173,729$177870 +2.4%

Area Home Sales 2013 2014

Dell Rapids 14 27 +92.9%

Tea 14 22 +57.1%

Jim Lowe Advana Mortgage reported on the Housing Affordability Index -- still over a healthy 200 mark. Interest rates are still just a couple of ticks above 4% and the taper is still not changing.

Tony Bachman --- Canterbury Village Announced for the third year in a row they had captured a parade of homes award. The HOA -- vacation like living is having an impact.

Mike Austad--Dakota Radon Mitigation explained the rest of the story on fears from cancer inside the home. Mr. Austad talked to us from Colton where he is working yet another project. He was scheduled to be in Harrisburg later in the afternoon. People moving into this area often don't know the importance of radon in the home. Some areas in the country don't have serious radon levels like the Dakotas and Minnesota do.

The Cover story of the week---Social networking and how it affects businesses.