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Doctors, Medical Take Center Stage on 5th - It's YOUR Business

by Mark Brown

The 5th Tuesday of the month gives us the opportunity to share future talk show guests in special segments.

Medical a variety that works you over from teeth, plastic surgery needs, and colonoscopies. Plus Kate Parker form Sanford will update us on affordable care changes the state will announce today..

Medical can be complicated ---- ourjob is to make it understandable, make it easy --make it available from people you feel you can trust withyour life.

In the Tuesday show---you'll hear from Tim Bjordal--Office Manager for Sanford Center for Digestive Health and gastro clinic. From the preps, to the when's and wherefores you'll hearhow one formof cancer went from the number 2nd killer to number three.

You'll meet -- Jodi --Clinic Manager of Plastic Surgery Associates. The homegrown physicians provide help for men and women --- not in a glitzy California style but with what you need.

Dr. Nichole from Designer Dentistry and Smilestalks about the wand ---and some new important procedures that help you see the dentist on a regular basis and make sure you can avoid some of the pain later.

Kate Parker--from Sanford will provide a brief update from Affordable Health Care -- now a month after the deadline...with some of the questions being asked.

Sanford, Avera, Community Health Association of the Dakotas and Howalt McDowell -- provided 16 shows on Affordable Health from October to the end of March. It's Your Business calls on members of that panel to update us individually from time to time in the best interests of our audience.