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Death of Robin Williams Addiction and Recovery - It's YOUR Business

by Mark Brown

On the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month, It's YOUR Business discusses Addiction and Recovery with our host Joan Swenson of Tallgrass Recovery. Julie Schoolmeester from Face it Together is part of the discussion as we look to share the stories of those that are addicted or those that need help.

It's believed that 1 in 10 is in need for recovery with addiction.

When a Robin Williams dies depressed, having just gotten out of addiction treatment, it's a reminder about the seriousness of the community being involved.

The actor's family wants you to remember the good times and what he did for so many Americans. However others would like for you to know there are Robin Williams-like people in our community.

Always giving ---silently depressed ---addicted --- in need of help.

Join us this morning as we talk about Williams, world class professional golfer Dustin Johnson and how an in studio guest has chronic relapses. All 9-10 this morning. The show will be on podcast within 24 hours.