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Comfort King, Tour de Cure, Tom Johnson Law - It's YOUR Business

by Mark Brown

Legal voice Tom Johnson--Johnson Christenson Law talks about the smallest class of lawyers entering law school since the 70's. Plus what happens if Madonna shows up for jury duty --- and Donald Sterling---the Clippers confusing character in court --- how does the judicial system deal with it?

Ron Nelson---Nelson Property Consultantsis our Commercial Real Estate voice in our It's YOUR Business Show. Today ---restaurants --Tom Cruise --owner of Pita Pit joins us as perhaps the fastest growing local chain putting in 3 stores in about 3 years in Sioux Falls.

Ron is also the new President of the Downtown Rotary Club. He'll join in on our discussion with Angie Wahl---Lt Governor of the Optimists who is planning an August 7-9th Convention in Sioux Falls that brings in service club members from Canada, Minnesota, and North and South Dakota. A project It's YOUR Business is working on is the decline in service club membership --- and what can be done. We'll talk at 10:40--and I think you'll find the ideas are indeed possible of helping pass the torch from generation to generation. The big loss would be all of the great projects service clubs do...