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Business Journal Begins Retail Week Extra-Extra -It's Your Business

by Mark Brown

Look for a picture of the future this week as the Sioux Falls Business Journal reports their retail findings from the Las Vegas retailers convention. Jodi Schwan explains in the Monday It's YOUR Business Show--and joins us Friday with the newest business and those behind the scenes.

Kailen Rosenberg--Love Architect know nationwide -- has a 63 woman who is from a prominent South Dakota Family --looking for a soul-mate. She explains this morning ---the bottom line -- interviews Saturday 12-3 Callaways -- with $50 donation going to Kiwanis Clubs Eliminate project. www.lovearchitects.com .

Jim Lowe--Advana Mortgage starts June after a busy close on Friday. What will interest rates do --- what are the building permits --housing supply..Mr. Lowe has the answers.

Andy Dumas--Spectrum Marketing has just the answer if you are business looking for more drive out of what you do. Spectrum has the answers and has added another new Midwest location.

We'll talk about the Teddy Bear den and an important fund raiser.