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Affordable Care Act Show Brings Experts to Talk - It's YOUR Business

by Mark Brown

The Affordable Care Act still leaves many questions to answer.  Bill Zortman brings in his panel of experts to answer your questions - It's YOUR Business:

Deb Muller is from Avera Health Plan

Kathryn Parker from Sanford Health Plan

Jill Kesler from CHAD

Abbey Vanderwerf from Howalt McDowell.

The deadline, March 31st is approaching and is there action you should take to have health insurance?

For the 14th time since October, It's YOUR Business brings together experts from Sanford and Avera Health Plans, Community Health Association of the Dakotas (CHAD), and Abbey Vanderwerf from Howalt McDowell representing business.

Most of the 10:00 hour today will deal with the latest information, contacts, numbers and glitches.

There are a lot of places to get the political positions on this, but only one place to get the leaders in health plan information in South Dakota.

Are people getting their premiums paid?  There are reports and releases that healthcare.gov can't confirm how many people have signed up and were among those not paying premiums.

Community help; where can you go; and are there going to be qualifying events after the open enrollment on March 31st?