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Addiction Recovery Show Gives Opportunities to Help

by Mark Brown

Joan Swenson ---Tallgrass Recovery

Julie Schoolmeester--Face It Together Sioux Falls

They are the headliners but between the lines--helping those with Addiction and Recovery needs.

Those who have appeared today and in the past have been thru addiction ---and many are now mentors to help others.

In addition to 13 months on the air with It's YOUR Business---they provide a number of events for you to get involved and learn more.

Events discussed on Tuesday's show...

  • Last day of the Sioux Falls Hyvee Stores smile program --with matching funds to help those working with those addicted. Check stands the place to go.
  • The NAMI Walk at Sertoma Park this weekend. Wendy Giebink--Executive Director of the National Alliance on Mental Health explains along with Joan and Julie.
  • Summer Sober June 21st--Elizabeth Venrick will teach a yoga class. Tallgrass had the first YOGA in the Park this past weekend--Facebook and Twitter have more details.
  • June 28th--Canaries Falls Park -- Day Walk-night baseball fun
  • July 14th--Golf Tournament -- Dave Janza in charge
  • July 17-19--Jazz Fest -- Tall Grass and Face it Together have a partnership with a Gratitude Tent
  • September 6th--March into the Light
  • September---Joan special---Art Festival

If you have questions about Addiction -- this is the show that can give you some food for thought.