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It's The Addiction and Recovery Show and a Public Defender

by Mark Brown

In our studio today Joan Swenson, Recovery Admissions and Marketing Alliance with Tall Grass.

Julie Schoolmeester Executive Director of Face it Together has sent Elizabeth Venrick, Director of Changing Hearts and Minds the has the Walk into the Light Event now just 10 days away.

And in the show today, Jason Koistinen, Public Defender tells us about the people he defends - you might be suprised.

Important for you to know that on the secondand fourthTuesday each month we provide support for addiction with stories of recovery.

Its believed that 1 in 10 is in need for recovery from addiction.

Our show does provide inspiration and attention to those that need the help but may not know what to expect.

In our show we have featured many of those recovering from addiction. Many are now mentors.