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Addiction and Recovery - More than a Rare Occurence - It's YOUR Business

by Mark Brown

On the 2nd and 4th Tuesday each month--It's YOUR Business working with Tall Grass Recovery and Face it Together talks the story of addiction ---the work to recover -- and the help that is there in the Sioux Falls Area.

On this first Tuesday after the Memorial Day Weekend---Joan Swenson, Tall Grass, and Julie Schoolmeester, Face it Together Sioux Falls promote, produce, and project the problem of addiction that faces 1 out of 10 in our area.

Today Mary Y -- who first was admitted for a drinking addiction in October 1988 brought her story to our airwaves. Mary was treated at River Park -- and in her chronic relapse state was in out of treatment. In one center after she had gastric bypass surgery removing 100 pounds --nothing had changed. She was told by one center they weren't going to baby sit her --and if she wanted something different she could pickup her tools (12 steps) and go somewhere else.

Today Mary celebrated 24 years and 2 months of sober ---and works as a volunteer at Tallgrass. She speaks at the V.A. and has served as a mentor to Joan Swenson at Tall Grass.

Mary works with many, many women and is well-respected in our community.

Upcoming events for Tall Grass and Face it Together...

June 21st---Summer Sober----Tall Grass

June 28th--5K at Falls Park -- Baseball with the Canaries at night---

July 14th--9 hole golf tournament at Keene Park

September 6--March into the Light

September----Art Show

There is help in the Sioux Falls area ---and if you need support--call Tall Grass or Face it Together.

Joan and Julie will be back on June 10th.