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A German Translator from Hartford - It"s YOUR Business

by Mark Brown

There is still a lot to cover this second hour of It's YOUR Business.

We have just introduced you to Dr. Jill Murphy, new Surgeon at Plastic Surgery Associates of South Dakota and Spencer, Iowa. Today, well get it to more about what Dr. Murphy brings to the table..

Well talk with Mary Howard and get a few tips on retirement funds.

Hartford with their monthly appearance with a housing project we need to spread the word on.Dana Whitehouse joins us to explain a little more about the program.

Adam Scott, Golf Addiction joins us fromGolf Addiction located at 57 th and Marian. He will share with us some interesting Family Night specials

Dr. Tim Lee Burton, Speciality Orthopedics has taken careof a lot of golf injuries. He advises to avoid overdoing it and allow the body to catch up with injuries.

Scott Varilek, Kooima Kaemingk joins us Mondays and Fridays promoting the Commodity report coming up at 11:30 on KELO AM.Scott is spending a little time away from the office so we have John Kooima on the phone from your headquarters in Sioux Center, Iowa.

Crystal Schroder is the Hartford Volunteer of the month. For years you have provided the German language with those who talk and need translating at the Library. There are some people surprised at the need for German translating in a South Dakota Community like Hartford.