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A class reunion victory is my major! - It's YOUR Golf Business

by Mark Brown

Today I open the show with some good news!

I had a chance to return to my hometown over the weekend for my 50 th Class Reunionit was a small town in Iowa and we played the 9 hole golf course for a little two ball tournament. I was paired with a classmate who has been slowed by arthritis. The teams with the former star athletes scored 46-48. My wife with her partner scored a 39, and my partner and I took first place a 38.

We won some used golf balls that my friend had found on his golf course near Iowa City but it was a trophy for us to keep.

Now, as we do on all Wednesday between now and September 3,we talk the Business of Golf.

With Great Life, with the 1 st Tee Program, with all Austad Stores, Golf Addiction, Golf Etc and our affiliates - Randy Derheim, Pinnacle, Dr. Tim Lee Burton, Speciality Orthopedics, and Dr. Max Reinecke, Reinecke Chiropractic it makes for a good, good show.

This week the experts will be picking the stop in West Virginia for the Greenbrier and the tournament has two Watsons in it, Bubba and Tom.

But, we start the show with Mr. Golf himself, Dave Austad featuring 10 mid-west stores, including two in Sioux Falls. To be politically correct one on the East side of Sioux Falls and one on the West. One is on 10 th the other on 41 st .