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Speeding ticket complaints at South Dakota Legislature (Hour 1)

by Mark Brown

The Greg Belfrage Show discussed the story below written by Mark Russo about the South Dakota Legislature complaints of speeding tickets around Sioux City.  KELO AM listeners sound off in hour one concerning automated traffic Cameras.


Pierre, SD (KELO-AM) Jim Melhaff is one of many, many South Dakotans who have gotten a speeding ticket thanks to those automated traffic cameras on I-29 in Sioux City, Iowa.

He says he feels he was targeted as an out-of-stater.

Melhaff testified Thursday at a state senate committee looking at ways to keep Sioux City from collecting such fines from out-of-staters. Even Governor Daugaard is on board to look at options.

Melhaff drew a laugh from the lawmakers when he said that he wrote 'Sioux City extorts money from out-of-state travelers' on the envelope, but they still cashed his check.