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Representative G. Mark Mickelson discusses S.D. Legislature

by Mark Brown

Representative G. Mark Mickelson District 13, Lincoln and Minnehaha Counties was a guest on the Greg Belfrage Show sharing his thoughts on the 2014 S.D. Legislature.  

Mickelson thought the State of the State address by Governor Dennis Daugaard was positive and forward looking in the workforce development.  Mickelson feels that workforce development is an issue that needs to work on both sides of the aisle.

On the texting while driving issue, Mickelson is waiting to get all the information to determine if South Dakota needs a law on it.  Like seat belt usage, a program to change behavior may be more appropriate.  

As far as Common Core, Mickelson is for the best approach to a child's education.  He is suggesting that South Dakota slow down the adoption of a program until all of the best solution is presented.