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Learning gun safety decreases chance of in-home accident

by Mark Brown

Matt Schlueter is a former law enforcement officer and part-time gun safety instructor. His most important tip to gun owners who have guns in the house; especially with young kids, "lock it up."

Schlueter said that he deals mostly with adults, with 50-percent being women. He does take on teenage clients, but they need to be with a parent or guardian. He feels that people should be mature enough to understand the responsibility of a gun in the house.

The range of clienteleSchlueter has seen will vary from someone who just left the store with the gun still in the box to people who have owned for a while but never had a safety course.

Schlueter encourages people to visit his web site at:www.learntwoshoot.com, or his Facebook page at:www.facebook.com/ SchlueterFirearmsInstructio n