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Independent Gordon Howie discusses the big issues

by Mark Brown

Independent Gordon Howie drove his new campaign vehicle 'The Truth Train' to the KELO studios to day to discuss his campaign with Greg Belfrage.

Sealing the border, the economy and Obama Care are among his top priorities. He is running Independent, but his roots are Conservative Republican.

Interestingly, he comments on why he isn't getting as much financial support as he needs and he said, "Fear of retribution." Contributors are afraid if they contribute to his campaign, it could come back to bite them.

Howie recently produced a new ad which serves up a quick spoof on a viral video of Senator Rand Paul. In that video, Paul appears to be ducking an ambush interview by two Dreamers who recently confronted Rep. Steve King during an event in Iowa.

Click the link below to see the video.


Photo: KELO AM File (Mark Brown)