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Greg Belfrage salutes Batman Day

by Mark Brown

If KELO AM talk show host Greg Belfrage appears on 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire,' and the million-dollar question is about BATMAN,I will be yelling at my TV, "bet it all Greg!"

Most Americans have been influenced by Batman in one way or another; be it comic books, the 60s TV show or the recent movies. Many of us had to wait until the following day to see how Batman and Robin get out of their predicament cast upon them by an evil villain.

On the TV show, the evil villains were as entertaining as the heroes in the show.

Who didn't want to have their own Batmobile parked in their garage? Who can forget Julie Newmar in her Catwoman outfit - meeeyow.

Callers to the Greg Belfrage Show fondly share their Batman memories on this Batman Day.

(Photo: Courtesy of the Greg Belfrage Facebook page)