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Google declares today as Safer Internet Day

by Mark Brown

Today is 'Safer Internet Day' and Greg Belfrage spoke with Google's Jamie Hill about what it means.

Jamie talked about the top tips and tools people can use to be a smart Internet user to include: 

 1. Filter search results. By turning on SafeSearch in Google Search, you can hide most of the mature content that you or your family may prefer to avoid.  This includes explicit images and videos. You can also lock SafeSearch on your computer by logging into your Google account and changing your settings.

How? Visit the Search Settings page at www.google.com/preferences and tick the box under “SafeSearch filters.

2. Lock your device. Only 25% of people have their phone on auto lock. Most smartphones and all Android devices can be locked to prevent access by children and unauthorized users. Lock options vary by device but can be a PIN, password, pattern, or even your face (through facial recognition) to unlock your device.
How? For an Android phone, scroll down to “Personal” then tap on “Security” followed by “Screen Lock”.

3. Help prevent viruses. Viruses spread malicious code through a host computer and can corrupt data or impede system performance. They can be hard to detect because they often attach themselves to legitimate files. 
How? Use antivirus software and update it regularly. Make sure your children avoid downloading from file-sharing websites and don’t accept files or open email attachments from unknown people.