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A new 72-hour cease-fire in Gaza, will it hold up

by Mark Brown

With tensions high, Israel and Hamas are starting a new 72 hourcease-fire. Israeli forces began withdrawing from the Palestinian territory after a month-long campaign, but the question remains will it hold.

Both sides are under pressure to stop fighting. Israel said it destroyed more than a third of Hamas's estimated arsenal of 10,000 rockets and razed more than 30 tunnels.

The fighting left Hamas in charge of a territory with severe shortages of electricity or clean water and at least 260,000 of its 1.8 million people displaced, the U.N. said.

U.S. pressure on Israel to scale back its operation and negotiate a durable cease-fire had been growing in recent days, reflecting what American officials described as the administration's shock at the number of times in which Israeli shell fire had struck U.N.-run schools where displaced Palestinian civilians sought shelter from the fighting.

Callers to the Greg Belfrage Show discussed the fighting and what should be done.

Photo: REUTERS/Sara Toms