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"irrational exuberance"

by Jerry Bader

If you live in Wisconsin, you probably heard about this poll earlier in the week. If you're a Scott Walker fan from outside the Badger State, a word of warning. The St. Norbert College Survey Center has shown itself at times to be an outlier to other polls, most notably the Marquette University Law School poll, which has this race at about 7 points.

I'd love to believe Walker has pulled away the way the SNC poll indicates, but I seriously doubt it. The sample size is smaller than other polls and there has been nothing really of late to suggest a Walker surge.

That said, it's possible the next MU poll will show a bit of a widening of the gap. And coupled with the news last month that Democrat Mary Burke is saying she's not wealthy enough to self fund her campaign, there are good reasons for conservative optimism in Wisconsin