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I'll bet you didn't see this coming....

by Jerry Bader

I know I didn't. 70% of Americans favor voter photo ID laws? It really does seem too good to be true. As Jazz Shaw at Hot Air points out, you'd be hard pressed to fault the phrasing of the question:

Supporters of these laws say they are necessary to stop ineligible people from voting illegally. Opponents say these laws are unnecessary and mostly discourage legal voters from voting. What do you think?

That, indeed, frames the issue nicely; Republicans have said it's important to prevent vote fraud, Dems say it's all about voter suppression. 70% in this poll picked A. And as Shaw also points out, the same poll shows voters believing Dems are doing a better job at immigration. That question would seem to neutralize the obligatory "ah, it's just a Fox News poll" from the left when it comes to the photo ID question.